Success Stories

I participated in Healthy Start when I was pregnant with my first daughter, Chloe. As a first time mom, pregnancy, childbirth, and child-raising were all new territory for me. All I knew was that the program provided education and I felt like I needed a lot of that. Mary came to my house once a month. She’d always ask me how things were going, how I was feeling, how my doctor appointments went and which ones were coming up, how my preparations for the baby were coming along, and the like. She’d also provide information on the various stages of pregnancy I was in. I remember distinctly the tidbit detailing where my weight gain was specifically (e.g. a couple pounds of extra blood, about how much the placenta and amniotic fluid weighs, etc…—and not those cookies that I loved!). This information comforted me when I got on the scale. But these visits also did more than just provide education. I had moved to Florida only a couple months before I got pregnant. I work from home and so I had not met very many people. My mother had passed from an inoperable brain tumor a couple years earlier. Mary’s visits gave me an ear to unload my first time mom fears on, a sounding board for my ideas, and a friend to celebrate with when I wanted to show off the nursery I’d worked on creating for my daughter. The support from this program was invaluable.

Since, the birth of my daughter, Chloe, I’ve remained in contact with Mary and the Healthy Start program. My husband and I feel very strongly about the good work this organization provides to our community. Monthly, we bring supplies for new moms for Healthy Start to distribute. We try to bring things like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, formula, breastfeeding supplies. Ever since having a child we cannot imagine not being able to afford these necessary items and our hearts break for any moms who wonder how they can afford these. The Healthy Start program has unique access to expecting and new moms. The work being done is so important! We have been lucky enough to have a second daughter, Katelyn, and the team has supported us—and snuggled her when we drop off supplies—yet again. – Erin

I had been living overseas for 5 years. Upon finding out I was pregnant, I returned to Brevard to be near my family. I had absolutely no idea what resources were available to single moms. I filled out a Healthy Start form at a doctor’s appointment and received a phone call a few days later.  After our first meeting, I felt so relieved. I had information about a free pack n play, low cost car seats, even parenting classes where I could earn free baby clothes and diapers. Every meeting after that was like a nice visit from a friend.

I have had a wonderful experience with everyone at Healthy Start, especially Samantha and Summer. They were and continue to be very supportive and always check to see how I’m feeling and if they can help with anything. They have also monitored my daughter’s development and made sure I was informed about my prenatal care. Now my daughter is 6 months old, very healthy and happy. Thank you Healthy Start for helping me to become the best mother I can be. – Beth

I am 20 years old with a 3 month old son. I have no parents to help me or show me how to care for my son. That is why I appreciate the Healthy Start program so much.My worker educates me on various parenting techniques that help me be the best parent I can be. She is someone who answers any questions I have. To me this is a blessing that such a program exists.Thank You Healthy Start and all those involved. – Sincerely, Madison

The Healthy Start program is a wonderful program for pregnant women and new mothers. I was new to the area and they helped me locate everything from clothing to doctor’s offices. They came to my house once a month to see how I was doing. They made me feel very comfortable and I had someone to help me with anything I needed. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. – Kristine

I love Healthy Start… It’s been really helpful. They help with parenting. They give you all the information that you need to know about being a parent. It’s a great program. I love it and would recommend it to other families. – Myriam

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