Sick Baby

Call the Doctor if… your baby appears sick or starts to act differently to you. It is best to have your baby checked or to receive the advice of the doctor.

Signs that your baby may be ill include:

  • Does not feed as well as normal
  • Has frequent, watery stools. Expect bowel movements that are formed and yellow to brown color, after feedings or every day.
  • Does not pass as much urine as usual. Usually babies wet their diapers almost hourly.
  • Cries more than usual, appears irritable, or refuses to sleep.
  • Does not seem as active as usual or difficult to wake.
  • Has trouble breathing (breathes faster/harder, draws in chest muscles with breaths or noisy breathing).
  • Has a fever. Call the doctor if temperature is 100 F or higher.
  • Color appears pale, bluish or marbled looking.

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